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Can Dogs Smell Bed Bugs?

Can Dogs Smell Bed Bugs?

With their naturally acute sense of smell, dogs can sniff out things that humans cannot smell at all. Clearly this is a natural instinct, as dogs use their keen senses of smell, hearing, and vision to hunt for their food in the wild.

And if you have a pet dog it is very likely that you have noticed that your dog can smell things long before you can, or even when you can’t smell anything at all. Dogs that have lost some of the ability to hear, whether due to age or other reasons, will rely even more strongly on their sense of smell. A dog that once was on alert when hearing an unexpected sound may instead respond to a change in smell in an area, such as when someone enters a room.

But seriously, can dogs smell bed bugs?

The answer is that yes, they can. With such a strong sense of smell, dogs trained to communicate with pest control professions have shown over 90 percent accuracy in sniffing out bed bugs.

Bed bugs are making a comeback in rapidly rising numbers and even in some very unusual places. The increase in travel in the past five decades and more people traveling between different countries has brought them back in record numbers. A recent national news story showed that bed bugs are not only being found in homes, but also in hotels, offices, and even in department stores.

Bed bugs are tiny and can be very difficult to locate, hiding in a seam of the mattress or a space in a piece of furniture too small to see into. Many pest control companies today are beginning to use bed bug smelling dogs to more accurately identify where bed bugs are so that they can be eliminated.


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