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Brown Recluse Spider





Light brown


The Brown Recluse Spider has long yellow legs and a light brown body with a fiddle shape on the back of its head. It creates a jumbled web to live in but hunts for food. It prefers dark places with plenty of bugs to eat and can usually be found in garages, attics and outside in places like porches or outdoor sheds.

The Brown Recluse Spider may hide in boots or crawl onto your clothes or bed and may bite if trapped. A bite from the Brown Recluse Spider is more powerful than rattlesnake venom and may cause serious illness and destroy the cells and tissue surrounding the bite area.

Control Advice

Check inside shoes and clothing before wearing and inspect bed before getting under covers. If you suspect them in your home remove bedskirt and move bed away from curtains. Avoid reaching into a dark space and clear webs out to discourage spiders from returning.

Active Seasons

The Brown Recluse Spider is active in all seasons.

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